Invitation to "The Second China (International) Petroleum Pipeline Construction and Technology and Equipment Exhibition"

Interlite (Asia) Limited:

As the Lunar Chinese New Year has come, please allow us to send you a sincere greeting. We wish you good luck and have a prosperous new year!
With your support, the first exhibition in name of "The petroleum pipeline construction, technology forum and 2002 China (International) Petroleum Pipeline Construction, Technology and Equipment Exhibition" was successfully held at Langfang on April 25-28 2002, under the sponsorship of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau in cooperation with the China Petroleum Chemical Corp., China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corp. etc. More than 3000 guests, including the Deputy General Manager of China Petroleum, the Deputy Mayor of Hei Bei Province and senior executives attended the open ceremony. The Deputy General Manager of China Petroleum, Deputy Mayor of Hei Bei Province also gave the opening speech and had the ribbon cut.

The exhibition review:

The venue occupied 15,000 square meters. Participants came from 19 countries, say, the USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Korea, Sudan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. About 200 exhibitors were international manufacturers, local reputable enterprises and organizations, out of which manufacturers accounted 46%, trading companies 26%, agents 12%, contractors 9%, others 7%. More than 8000 guests visited the exhibitions. Its popularity is up to professional standard.

The forum review:

The forum attracted more than 200 pipeline specialists, professors, scholars and executives. They conducted thorough studies and researches relating to pipeline investigation, architectural design and installation, pipeline anticorrosion technology, pipeline and project management etc and the prospect of pipeline industry after China's WTO admission. All gained a lot.

The attendants included not only top-level executives from more than 10 oil fields belonging to China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation but also scholars and specialists of reputable units.

More than 600 participants shared their point of views in two function rooms in the exhibition. Among them, professors and specialists (with grading equivalent to professors) accounted 43%, senior engineers 23%, engineers 28% and others 6%. More than 100 theses were collected in the forum, out of which 40 theses were presented in the meetings. Via forum discussions, all participants enriched themselves with advanced and modern pipeline theory and technology and were more confident about the prospects of pipeline markets and located a solid development direction. The exhibition sponsors organized and edited a publication in name of ¡§WTO and pipeline installation-2002 Petroleum pipeline construction and technology theses¡¨ that was published by Petroleum Industry Publication in February 2002. The publication offered valuable assistance to the specialists in the pipeline industry which was one of the forum's objectives.

The marketing penetration, project contracts, procurement trading and technology exchange during the forum and exhibition aroused good response from the rivals in the pipeline industry. The performance was highly regarded and recognized. We (the sponsors) really appreciated your participation and support.

In order to cope with the latest development of the local and foreign pipeline construction market, to enhance and facilitate the pipeline structural chain, integrate advanced technologies, promote and adopt new products equipped with the modernized technologies, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Traffic and Transportation Association, China Coal Mining Construction Corporation, China United Coal Bed Methane Corporation, ltd and Petroleum China West-East Gas Pipeline Company work together and sponsor the second exhibitions "The 2nd China (International) Petroleum Pipeline Construction and technology equipment exhibition" (herein after called the 2nd exhibition) to be held at Langfang on April 25-27, 2003.

The promotional work for the 2nd exhibition has been launched (please refer to for more details)

With the full support from the oil fields units (including China National Petroleum, China Petrochemical and China Offshore Oil), numbers of organizations, enterprises have applied for participating the organization work.

To be outstanding in the 2nd exhibition's formalization, professionalism, globalization, and effectiveness, we cordially invite your esteemed company to participate the exhibition. Let us work hand by hand to create a new page in the pipeline development.

We are waiting for your favorable response.
With our best wishes.

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Fax: 0316-2171610
Contact person: Zou Xiao Bo

Sealed by
The Committee of China International Petroleum Pipeline Construction and Equipment Exhibition
January 24, 2003.