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Business Overview

  • Construction, electrical systems design, construction materials, fire systems, water proofing, property management and maintenance, etc.
  • Property renovation and maintenance.
  • Trading of different kinds of tools, equipments, pipelines and parts, etc.
  • Import and export.


  • Various kinds of pipelines and hoses(including steel pipes, heat exchange pipes), etc.
  • Machinery, devices and valves, etc.
  • Construction tools and materials(including heat resistant materials, cement, air conditioning system, exhaust system) etc.
  • Electrical devices, equipments, energy conservation devices.
  • Different kinds of electrical wires, power lines, motors, control panels, meters, etc.
  • Fire systems, devices, alarms, smoke detectors, etc.
  • Wood-finished products and fire doors, etc.
  • Safety equipment, etc.
  • Carpets, locks, lighting(including switches and sockets).
  • Food products, etc.


Most Recent Projects:

1. Hong Kong Government Buildings in the Southern Region on Hong Kong Island

2. Fresh Water Supply System Shatin NT of the HK Housing Authority

3. Hong Kong Government Buildings in the Northern Region on Hong Kong NT

4. Hong Kong Government Building Design Department

5. Olympic Station Development-Site C(Phase I)

6. Hong Kong International Airport

7. Yuen Long Theatre

8. NT Area No.5 Government Buildings

9. Site preparation for Implementation of Information Technology to Schools

10. City University of Hong Kong

11. Electrical Installation at Ma On Shan Heng On Mall

12. Wu Sha Street Tai Hang(real estate development by Cheung Kong)

13. Fresh Water and Fire Service Improvement to Government Buildings in Shatin NT

14. Design and Build of Fitting-Out Works to Building and Lands and other Properties-Architectural Services Department (Contract TCD019)

15. Design and Build of Fitting-Out Works to Building and Lands and other Properties-Architectural Services Department (Contract TCE023)

16. Fire Service Improvement to Low Rise Blocks of the HK Housing Authority (Contract 132/96)

17. Electrical Maintenance and Repair for Government minor works on the Kowloon East, NT West and North (Contract TCC369)

18. Phase II Improvement Scheme to Existing Public Toilets In Regional Council Areas, Batch 3B (Contract NO:66/ASD/97)

19. Prince of Wales Hospital

20. Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installation in Government Buildings in the Central District and at the Peak of Hong Kong Island

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